We are Geoff & Julie of Two 9 Two Media! Life brought us together in the art department at college where we discovered our shared interest in creating art and each other. Upon graduating with degrees in videography and photography we spent 2 years living in Chicago, IL before relocating to Grand Rapids, MI. We are a newly married duo with a 3 year old furchild, Dee! We enjoy thrifting for old cameras, hiking, live music, and spending time with family. In the last 3 years we have not only worked to build a strong relationship, but a business combining what we love to do as a team. Striving to find influences, be creative, and exploring the endless possibilities of art is our goal as the lead creatives of Two 9 Two Media. 

JULIE | Photographer 

I earned my Bachelors degree in Photography from Northern Michigan University in Marquette, MI. I specialize in live performances, engagements, weddings, maternity, newborns, and family! As someone who gets nervous in front of the camera, I make sure to keep it easy going, relaxing, and fun for each client.  For me, there's so much more to just photographing as a photographer. It's about being supportive, encouraging and  being there for any need of the clients. It's about doing anything ridiculously silly to make a baby smile and to have tissue ready for any tears on the wedding day.  Photography is a chance for me to help people, create lasting memories, and of course, hang out with adorable babies! I can't wait to meet you!  


GEOFFREY | Videographer 


I earned my Bachelors degree in Digital Cinema, with a minor in Music, from Northern Michigan University in Marquette, MI. I specialize in Videography and Editing and am eager to create any type of video I can. Some of my most common genres include video art, commercial/corporate work, live events, weddings, engagements, music videos, short films, and experimental films. My other passion if life is music! Since childhood I've studied the Cello and try to play in as many different musical settings as I can. ( I also love to sing, play the guitar, bass, and piano!) As a musician, the audio track for your piece is of utmost importance to me. Every film maker is attentive to audio to a certain degree. I pay close-almost obsessive- attention to the syncing of the audio tracks with the imagery to the point where the audio becomes paramount. I never approach any piece with a pre-defined mold or template, as your video should be as unique as you and the story you're telling!