Graham at 3 months

Before I dive into all the adorable photos from this session, I want to go back and do a recap of Graham's newborn session. 

This is Graham brand new: 

Now, this is Graham at 3 months. 

Right!? He's the cutest, chunkiest monkey in the world. I love covering all the stages of babies through their first year but I'm especially excited to see this boy grow. I mean this is him at 3 MONTHS! He's a totally different baby. It's beautiful. So I'm going to keep it short and sweet but if you want to go back down memory lane of this dude at the beginning, click hurr

He was feelin' silly when he woke up from his nap 

I've discovered that strands of lights + babies makes me feel awkward. THANK GOODNESS he was loving it, not sure why but he was. #BLESSED 

Who doesn't love wrinkly baby feet?!